Getting Creative with Your Wedding Reception

a centerpiece that incorporates both unique and traditional designs

Many people crave the classic white-on-white formality and elegance of a traditional wedding reception, and I fully agree this is a beautiful look.  However, often people want to add personal touches to tradition, or do away with it all together.  Unique ideas and themes for weddings are more popular and more imaginative than ever before, and here at the Castle, we love to encourage creativity.  There are various degrees of themed weddings.  If you want to go all out, check out some more extreme ideas here:   This is an interesting list to show just how wide the variety of wedding themes has grown, but I might suggest tailoring a dramatic theme to make it feel special without losing the essence of the day.  A theme should be personal, reflecting the bride and groom, but also not overpowering their presence.  Most of all, it should be memorable and fun!

Places to look for inspiration for a wedding theme include your and your partner’s national heritage, activities you both enjoy, movies or books that set the mood, and a décor or color scheme that you find particularly captivating.  In our grand ball room, we’ve seen a décor based on gems, bling, and ornate candelabras, and another adorned with a hodgepodge of doilies, wildflowers, and a tin washbasin filled with apples for bobbing – both equally unique and beautiful!  Other creative ideas we’ve seen are: a casino-style reception with roulette, blackjack, and slot machines for entertainment, and lottery tickets for favors; a beautiful winter wedding by a snow bunny couple who styled all of their tables after favorite ski slopes and had their guests sign a keepsake snowboard; and a Lego-themed wedding that involved a diamond-studded Lego engagement ring and bowls of Lego pieces for the guests to entertain themselves with.

Candy and favors fit for a movie star!

Besides what to choose as the perfect personal theme, it’s important to think about how to incorporate it. One element to consider is the look of the tables that your guest will be seated at – and there’s no rule that says that all of the tables have to be the same! Wedding favors have almost limitless options for individuality. Another possibility, if you plan to have a photo both, is to include some themed props for guests to pose with.  Musical selections that relate to the theme and even a choreographed first dance for the bride and groom can be great ways to reflect the style or theme that you’ve chosen. The wedding cake is another excellent place to work in unique design elements.  And our chef here at the Castle enjoys working with you to design hors d’oeuvres, menus, and cocktails related to your special memories. The Castle staff loves hearing interesting ideas for your ceremony or reception and they are happy to help you customize your event to your heart’s content.