Tis the Season for Appetizers!

app table olives

The Castle’s appetizer table has many staples, but it is never quite the same. We like to keep it seasonal.

Here at the Castle, appetizers are a year round phenomenon, but if you’re not in the business of entertaining, you most likely only concern yourself with throngs of guests around this time of year.  Entertaining and appetizers go hand in hand.  An assortment of tasty starters provides a great way to introduce your guests to your personal style—and an easy way for them to strike up a conversation.  People will get excited, saying ‘oooh did you try that?’ and ‘you’ve got to have one of these!’

Appetizers are some of the most fun you can have with food because there’s so much room for imagination! Experimenting with mini versions of favorite main dishes, and pairing simple fresh items with unexpected garnishes and sauces are a few approaches taken by the Castle chefs.  In bite sized servings, comfort food becomes gourmet and sophisticated. And when guests only eat one or two bites at a time, the flavors are easy to savor.  Some miniaturized favs at the Castle include crisp risotto cakes, bite sized grilled cheese sandwiches, and sweet potato planks with a bit of a kick.  Dressing up appetizers with a touch of tangy sauce or a lively garnish is a great way to create some distinctive starters. However, we don’t see any reason to shy away from the classics either: prosciutto wrapped fruit and seafood, crostini topped with fresh vegetables and flavorful reductions, and mushrooms stuffed with sausage or cheese are always popular.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus 500 0849

Classic prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Yum!

Besides pre-assembled appetizers, a display of fruits, cheeses, and crudités sends great welcome message to guests.  We take much pride in our appetizer displays at the Castle.   The combination of fresh and grilled vegetables with assorted cheeses, crackers and fresh fruits is naturally colorful and festive.  We’ve been known to add further pizazz with gourmet dipping sauces, pesto stuffed mozzarella, and sage or wine infused cheeses.  The options are infinite, but the ultimate goal of appetizers is to let the food say, “Come in and enjoy yourself because this is going to be a great party!”


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