Putting the Fun in Company Functions


Looks like Bob and Bob could use a company function to help them break the ice!

Work functions come in a couple of different varieties: those that are decisively social in nature and those that are designed around developing work-related skills.  In providing these events, employers’ motives usually center on a desire to invest in their employees.  Throwing a party is an investment in morale, whereas holding a team building or development seminar is an investment in expertise.  In either case, if you are invited to a work function, enjoy the fact that you are being invested in!

Longtime front-runners in the social functions category include the annual holiday party and the annual company picnic.  Companies may favor these classic options, or they may be inclined to buck tradition, selecting an event date based on the rhythm of the company rather than a particular holiday.   When this is the case, the dreariest of months may contain the greatest potential energy.   January, February, and March are the hardest months to muster a get-up-and-go state of mind.  These are the months when the routine is most in need of a shot of vitality, and holding a company function during these months may just offer that.  Team building or development activities can kindle some new perspectives to help beat the winter blues.   A soiree in January and February can help the morale to sidestep the post-holiday slump.  Taking a moment to make employees feel appreciated (as a manager) or to welcome appreciation (as an employee) has a more salient impact in late January than it would in the midst of the holiday hoopla.

The Tonawanda Castle accomodates an eclectic mixture of company events.  From all out costumed bashes to mystery dinner theatre productions to elegant professional luncheons, guests at the Castle never fail to feel the enchantment of the architecture of this one of a kind building.  Also, the Castle staff members are primed for preparing events in style.   They will ensure that company functions are carried out both seamlessly and smoothly, and to the fullest of their slump-busting potential.


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