Sprucing Up the Company Holiday Party

The classic holiday Spruce

The classic holiday Spruce

Mid-summer means Christmas is six months away, and that’s about the time most companies start planning for their annual staff party. Last year saw a major increase in the booking of company holiday parties, and things are looking up again for 2013.  For the previous few years, budgets for holiday events had been on the decline.  Some companies altogether forewent parties for their employees; many others repeatedly scaled back the event.  Now, the renewed enthusiasm for company parties comes with a restyled vision.  Gone are over-the-top decorations and massive buffets.  The new trends focus on quality elements, especially when it comes to food.  Events that are relaxed and interactive are very popular.  Long banquet tables and hours of sit-down service have been replaced with flexible arrival times and station style-dining.  Cocktails and entertainment are interspersed with the meal service to encourage mingling.

The Tonawanda Castle is a great place to hold an annual company party because the staff here the Castle offers lots of flexibility in planning events.  Last season, The Castle had many different styles of company parties, with everything from big bashes to small intimate gatherings.  We love it when party planners get creative, and draw inspiration from themes that relate to the company’s mission.  For example, this year one organization that works with the vision impaired created a dining event at which guests will be blindfolded to heighten their other senses, especially taste.  Although concentrating on the taste of the delicious food at the Tonawanda Castle is easy to do regardless.  And almost everyone will agree that great food makes a great party.  With two talented chefs and fully customizable menu options, the cuisine at The Castle is sure to delight guests of all kinds.

Most important to think about in the revamped company parties is the focus on employee appreciation.  A recent survey published on Meetpie.com contends that the majority of companies believe that it is ‘extremely important’ for them to hold an office Christmas party.  The article lists boosting morale, promoting a sense of community amongst employees, and rewarding staff for their hard work as the three main reasons for holding such gatherings.  Planning a party that makes employees feel appreciated is easy at the Tonawanda Castle. We do our best to get a feel for your company’s character and we tailor the event based on that information.  And what could make employees feel more rewarded than spending an evening celebrating in a castle?


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